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Here is your spot to find new and exciting websites, explore the curriculum, and become an active member of our school community.  If you would like to become a parent volunteer, please contact Ana Perez in the main office @ 718-647-3600.  Your kids are our first priority!

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Parent Handbook



Grades K – 5

8:00AM – 2:20PM



When the student is absent, the parent must provide a note explaining the absence. Parents should leave their children in school all day. Appointments should be scheduled outside school hours and on school holidays, whenever possible. If a child needs to be dismissed early, he/she should bring a note to his/her teacher stating time and reason. Parents must sign the child out in the school office.

Please note that one of the criteria for promotion to the next grade is 90% attendance.


1. Students will be respectful of all adults, other children and their property.

2. Students will be responsible for all books, materials, equipment and school property.

3. Students will not leave the classroom, school building, or yard without permission.

4. Students will not bring toys that resemble a weapon.

5. Students will understand that fighting; name-calling, cursing and starting arguments are not permitted.

6. Students will always follow directions the first time they’re given.

7. Students will come to school on time prepared with books, pens, pencils and all assignments.

8. Students will not keep food in their desks or chew gum in school.

9. Students will wear the school uniform daily.

10. Students come to school to learn on a daily basis



All clothing and possessions should be labeled with your child’s name and class. Don’t allow children to wear jewelry to school. The jewelry may get lost or broken. We cannot be responsible for such items.

WE ARE A UNIFORM SCHOOL. We depend on parents to send their children to school in appropriate clothing. We encourage parents to listen to weather reports so that children wear and bring suitable clothing.

Students are to dress in the school uniform daily. Our school uniform is as follows:

BOYS: Light blue shirt with collar; navy blue pants (not sweat pants) or shorts; Navy blue tie (optional); Solid Navy blue sweater or jacket (Optional)

GIRLS: Light blue blouse with collar; Navy blue shirt, pants, jumper or skort; Navy blue girl’s tie; Solid Navy blue sweater or jacket (Optional)

1. Students will not wear hat, caps or other head coverings inside the building (except for religious reasons).



If you child is late, please send a note or bring him/her to the office. Late arrival will prevent a student from receiving a perfect attendance award.

Students must be picked up on time, 2:10 pm. If a student is picked up late more than 2 times in one month, an appointment will be made to meet with the guidance counselor.


Chancellor’s Regulations #A-501 establishes a system wide promotion policy with clearly defined standards for promotion for each grade. All students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 will meet or exceed rigorous academic standards in a performance –based core curriculum. Students must meet or exceed the promotion standards in order to be promoted to the next grade.